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My Musicians

Steve Bolton :

       Lead guiter on HEADSTONE (1-2),

       Atomic Rooster, The Who, Bob Dylan,

       Keith Richard, etc.   


Philippe Chen :

       Bass on HEADSTONE  1 "Bad Habit",

       Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart.  


​Jérôme Rimson​​ : 

       Bass on HEADSTONE 2

       Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy


​Bob Birch (bass) & Guy Babylon (Keyboards)

        "ASHTON" (1988),                               

        Elton John and Eric Clapton, etc

Mandy Meyer :

       Lead guitar on "ASHTON"

       Asia, Unisonic


Zac Starkey :

       Drummer of Oasis and The Who

Jonathan Valen :


       Drummer of Judas Priest

       HP :

Jean-Marc Jafet : Franch Top 10 bassist

Nagui Mehany :

       A French-Egypcian genious guitarist I just discoverd          

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