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Mark Ashton 

Started playing in Bands age of 12.

Supported most of the English Big bands at 16, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Yard Birds, etc.

Rare Bird Sympathy - 1970 / Charisma Records

1969 in London, he joined  "Rare Bird​", 1970 "Sympathy" ​becames N° 1 in France, in Italy and Netherland, sold more than 2 millions albums.  And over 350 cover versions.


En 1969 à Londres, il a rejoint le groupe​ "Rare Bird", l'année suivante "Sympathy" ​qu'il a co-composé devient le n° 1 des ventes en France, en Italie et aux Pays Bas, plus de 2 millions albums sont vendus. On compte quelques 350 versions de ce seul titre.


Beautiful Scarlet / Germain TV


Rare Bird - What You Want to Know


Sympathy / Top Of The Pops, UK TV


                Producer John Anthony​ ​​​(producer of the 1st Album of​ "Yes" (1968) and "Queen" (1973).

In 1974, Mark Ashton formed "HEADSTONE" and made 2 albums with Trident Production - EMI Records.

Guitarist Steve Bolton later joined The Who Tour.

1st Bassist Philippe Chen joined JEFF BECK "Wired" & ROD STEWART "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy".

2nd Bassist Jerome Rimson joined VAN MORRISON.

Bad Habit / Headstone (1974)

HEADSTONE / Headstone (1975)

Producer : John Anthony​

Vocal / RhythmGuitar : Mark Ashton​

Guitar : Steve Bolton

            (Atmic Rooster)

Bass : Philippe Chen

           (Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart)

Drums : Chili Charles

Vocal / RhythmGuitar : Mark Ashton​

Guitar: Steve Bolton

Bass: Jerome Rimson

          (Van Morrison)

Drums : Peter Van Hook  

Violin : Joe O'Donnel 

1976  :  Mark Ashton L.A.  -  20th Century Records. Los Angels

1st solo album. Producer : Chris Bond (producer of Hall & Oats, co-producer of Jeff Beck )

Mark Ashton : Vocals, Rhythm Guitar​

​Chris Bond​ : Guitar

​Leyland Sklar : Bass​​ (James Taylor)

Scotty Edwards​ : Bass (Stevie Wonder)

​Jim Gordon​ : Drums (Derek & The Dominos)

​Tom Scott​ : Lyricon & Sax (Joni Mitchel)

David Paich : Keyboards (Toto)

1978 :  Mark Ashton Solo  -  Ariola Records, London


​​Produced by Alan Callan   

         (X-exec of Led Zeppelin)


Mark Ashton : Vocals​, Rhythm Guitar

Bob Weston : Guitar

Winston Delanero : Guitar

Derek Austin : Keyboards

Kuma Harada : Bass

Richard Bailey : Drums

​​Ariola Records, London

1988 : Modern Pilgrims / Ashton   RCA Records, Los Angeles - BMG

                                  Producer : Paul Rothchild​   (Producer of The Doors, Janis Joplin)

A Place To Go

In 1988, formed "ASHTON" in Los Angeles.

Signed wirh "R.C.A. Records" by "Sanctuary Management Company".


Bob Birch​ (bass)  Guy Babylon (keyboards), after this album, both joined Elton John and played more than 20 years.

Guy Babylon R.I.P. in 2010 :  "Grammy Award Winner"

Bob Birch R.I.P. in 2012    "Both were incredibly talented." / Mark Ashton​

Mandy Mayer : guitarist of "Asia" and  "Unisonic".

Mark Adams (guitar) played with John Entwhistle (The Who)

Jonathan Valen (drums) : Fuel Tour of Judas Priest (1985-87), Andy Taylor

1991 : Rcorded and produced "New Volum of Music" in L.A.

1993 - 1996 : Signed with Sony Music Publishing Paris as a composer.

1996 - 2002 : Directeur exclusif for APG Music (independent label) in New York.

​1996 - : Begining of  vey-art​​

2008 ---

Mark Ashton moved to Nice, Côte d'Azur as an international painter and formed his new band "Mark Ashton project"

with young french musiciens in 2012. 




Mark Ashton learnt singing, "chanter" and "Bagpipes".

​He joined his first band "The Vikings" as a drummer at 12 years old.​


Voted the best band in Kent, U.K​​​


Formed his first band "Turnstyle" at 17 years old, began composing and released thier first single "Riding A Wave" (Side B "Trot") on "Pye Records. They opened for the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Yardbirds, etc.

Son Enfance

Enfant, Mark Ashton apprend le chant et aussi la chanterelle,

c'est un petit instrument que les enfants écossais apprennent

à jouer avant de passer à la "Cornemuse".


Le 1er groupe que Mark intègre en tant que batteur,​

Mark a douze ans, il vit dans le Kent, Angleterre.


​Remporte le titre de meilleur groupe de Kent, U.K​​​


Il forme son 1er groupe "Turnstyle" à l'âge de 16 ans.

Il commence à écrire et à composer la musique, et

le groupe sort le 1er Single "Riding A Wave" (face B: "Trot").

​Il est propulsé à jouer les premiers parties des groupes

connus comme Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd et les Yardbirds.

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